According to the Department of Housing and Community Development, we will need 1.8 million new homes by 2025 to accommodate a rapidly expanding population. Apartments will play a crucial role in meeting that demand. If you own or manage an apartment building, and are looking for better rates on your existing policies, know that SJ Insurance is here to help. We work directly with competitive carriers offering special rates on apartment buildings.

From large multi-building complexes to small 4 unit properties we have custom programs designed to meet your insurance needs. Get quotes from othe leading Apartment insurers in the nation.  Save time and money with one call.  Our agents insure apartment  buildings of all sizes, and we are ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

Ultimately apartment building insurance premium is based on the carrier and program you fit into. It’s important you discuss your building exposures with an agent who can help you stay within programs that save you premium every year. Your agent will also help you make the necessary change needed to put you in a more competitive program.

Owning and managing a apartment building can be hard work; but protecting it shouldn’t be. First make sure that you have an accurate replacement cost for your apartment building. You want to have enough coverage so that if the property burns down you can rebuild it. But you don’t want to waste money and have an exuberant amount and be over insured.


Make sure that your policy included coverage D, loss of rent, rental value, & additional living expense. Another coverage we always suggest is Personal Injury, Wrongful Eviction, and Privacy Invasion. Usually this coverage is only a few dollars more to add to your liability coverage on your apartment policy and protects you from a lot of potential risk.

We not only pride ourselves on getting you the best possible deal on your apartment building insurance policy but we also provide world class service. Get an online apartment building insurance quote today or call us at (310) 220-1019.